He’s in the middle of it all

I had been fighting to get out of the house for the better part of a recent Saturday. What was holding me back, I had no clue. Stuff, I guess. Trying to get things cleaned up, trying to get family issues worked out.

After piddling around for the day, I finally got the loose ends tied up to my satisfaction. By early afternoon I got in the shower and was ready to go. Where? Where else? Bargain hunting of course. Those who know me know that it’s always at the front of my mind. But I was restless and didn’t feel like I wanted to hunt in the same old places. The Salvation Army came to mind. Every other thrift shop in town sees my face on a regular basis, but I had only visited the Salvation Army a total of…well there was that one time I went several years back. And then, there are all those other times that I briefly considered going by…those count, right?

The Salvation Army here is in a funny niche between two one way streets about 5 minutes from my house. It took me…well let’s not talk about the fact that I…look I did know the general area in which it was located. I was just enjoying the view. A nice relaxing drive. With my face up by the wheel. My eyes squinting at every sign…

Anyhow, as I drove up to the shop, I saw a familiar vehicle. I also saw a familiar man looking under the hood of that vehicle. Joe and his wife, Pat, are related to our Pastors and go to church with us. It so happens that Joe has Parkinson’s disease, and I knew that he was in no condition to be outside working on a car in the heat wave we were experiencing. As it turned out, their car had died and they didn’t have any jumper cables. The thrift shop was closing in a short time, and there were not many cars to be seen anywhere in this part of town.

In short order I was able to come up with a set of cables, and with a phone call and a few minutes I had a husband there to help us get everything squared away. (How did he know exactly where the place was?)

As I drove away from the scene a few minutes later, I had so many questions. What if I had left the house earlier, or not wasted so much time trying to find the shop? What if I had been any later? What made me decide to go there anyways? And I knew.

Although our friends were so grateful for the help, I knew that I was the one who had truly been blessed that day. So much has been going on in my life lately, and I needed the reassurance I received. In all things God is working. And by and by I will see how it’s all been for the good.


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