Bookworm Friday: Viking Quest Series

Raiders from the Sea: Viking Quest SeriesOne thing I’ve struggled with is finding interesting books with appropriate content in them. This has become harder and harder as the years go on and my son gets older. I have long wished someone would make a good list. Assuming that I’m not the only one, I’ve invented “Bookworm Fridays” to outline some of the books we’ve enjoyed. I’m hoping that as you nice readers come along, you’ll leave a few suggestions in the comments section below. PLEASE!

Well, I can’t talk long about books without mentioning Lois Walfrid Johnson. I love her. WE love her- me and my two guys. This is funny because all of her book series involve a female as the main character, but the themes found within and the adventures included are very exciting for boys as well. She also includes a healthy dose of good male characters you can really appreciate. As an added bonus, she’s done extensive historical research in order to create a vivid picture for her readers and all of her books are loaded with true to life details.

Our very favorite series from her is The Viking Quest Series. It follows an Irish girl, Bree, and her brother Devin, who have been taken captive by a young viking with a big ego! They sail the seas and when Bree’s brother is freed, he immediately begins to plan her rescue! Along the way she meets many interesting people, and her captor learns lessons that just might change him forever. Bree also has the privilege of hitching a ride with Leif Ericson as he finds and names new lands!

This book was so exciting, and the places and people that Ms. Johnson describes really come to life. One of the places mentioned in the book, Aurland Fjord, piqued our interest so much that we “Googled” it to find pictures. When my son saw it he was awed. “Wow- that’s beautiful! Will you take me there?”

As you can imagine, this won’t be the last time you’ll hear about this author from me. Still, I do want to mention one thing. There is a sort of hint at romance and finally some wedding planning that comes along later in this series. ***spoiler alert: there is also a small kiss at the end if I remember right!*** I know some parents are not thrilled with the idea of their kids getting excited about these things very early so I wanted to mention it. Still, I feel like I’m pretty strict about what we read and there was nothing I was uncomfortable with nor was it the central theme.

And now that I’ve shared with you, I hope to hear from you below. Thanks in advance!


PS You can find out more about Lois Walfrid Johnson by visiting her site:


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