Beat Summer Boredom (and the heat!): Ice Skating

Ice Skates

Ice skating has long been one of our favorite summer activities. Yep, you read me right. Typically a person would only think about ice skating as a winter thing– but let’s face it, it’s hot outside and you don’t want to be out there. Where we live, it’s just a real special kind of life-sucking humid sort of heat, too.

Now, imagine how wonderful it feels when you enter that ice rink and suddenly your lungs are free to breathe in all of that fresh crisp air. It’s like a brick has been lifted right off of your chest! Have I convinced you yet?

We’re very fortunate here in that ice skating is very reasonably priced–only $2 each if you bring along a group. Our rink requires only 10 skaters for this, and it’s not hard to convince people to go! A quick email through our homeschool group’s chain made for about 30+ skaters yesterday, and we had a blast! Some rinks even have free days. So why are you still reading this? Call your local rink and see if you can make a deal!


4 thoughts on “Beat Summer Boredom (and the heat!): Ice Skating

  1. Hello!
    My children and I are figure skaters. We began several years ago, during our homeschooling days. Back then, there wasn’t an official homeschool group at our rink although there is now .

    I love what you wrote about ice skating in the summer – it’s always surprising to me how empty the rink is in the summer, and how crowded public sessions can become during winter.

    How lucky you are that skating is so reasonably priced where you are !

    Thank you for sharing your ice skating world!
    🙂 Lyann

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