Cooking: Not My Hobby

Empty Plate

Remember the green bean and squash casserole from yesterday? Well, like most things in my life, there’s a great story that goes with it!

My husband delivered some of the said casserole to the neighbor who had given us the green beans, and she had a nice little anecdote for him. Apparently, when my son had gone to pick up the beans per her request a few days prior, she had asked him if his mother cooked. The answer: “Yeah, but it really isn’t her hobby”!!!!

Hmph! That’s a long way from the three year old who would invite everyone over for dinner. “Mommy is a good cook. She’ll make you eggs,” he’d promise.

Why do they have to grow up!?

But, he was right. After years of daily cooking, I’ve finally become proficient at it, but cooking is still not my thing. Which is how I know the recipe category on this blog will likely always be the most sparse.


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