Bookworm Friday: No Place Like Holmes

No Place Like HolmesSomeone’s in the shadows, observing, his pipe glowing in the darkness. Who could it be but Sherlock himself?

No Place Like Holmes is another stand-out from all of the material we’ve read. If you liked Sherlock mysteries as a child (or even if you didn’t!), you’ll most certainly want to try it out.

This book follows a young boy, Griffin, who is going to stay with his Uncle at 221 Baker Street. When he discovers that it’s the address of Sherlock Holmes, he assumes that his uncle is the Master of Mysteries himself! When he arrives, however, he finds that his uncle lives at 221A not 221B–next door to Mr. Holmes. Nevertheless, his inventor uncle thinks himself a detective as well, and with Griffin’s sharp skills of observation, mystery and adventure ensues. Sherlock himself is woven throughout this story as well.

While I’ll admit that this book is a little bent towards boys, I thoroughly enjoyed it myself. Find it here.


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