Recommended Resources: Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories is a sort of Saturday Night Live variety type show meets history. It’s produced by the BBC, so usually we would not be able to view them here in the US. Fortunately for us, nice youtube users have posted many of the videos online. Although I can’t be sure about the legality of that, I’ll continue to enjoy it while it lasts.

This series makes history not only tolerable for us, but fun, and we look forward to seeing if there’s a video produced on the next topic we’ll be covering. What I usually do is type in “Horrible Histories” along with the topic or specific historical figure we are learning about. There’s not videos for every topic, but many are covered, all the way from ancient history to more current issues. You can see many of the videos I’ve bookmarked on the middle ages by checking out my Pinterest board.

Just a note: I can’t say that I always appreciate the humor, and therefore I try to view the videos ahead of time just to make sure the message is mother approved.


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