Moving Tips

Ah, dear Pinterest Pinners, you’ve come to my rescue once again.

It’s been a long time since I’ve moved. It’s been an even longer time since I’ve moved this far. In fact, it’s been forever since I’ve moved this far because I’ve never done it. At least not quite this far.

My last big move was when we came from Michigan to Kentucky, and that was way back in the day when all I needed was a bar of soap and a hair brush and I was good to go. It was a simpler time back then. A 400 square foot apartment, pre-child, pre-homeschooling, pre-accumulatingstuffwithmemoriesattached sort of simple. I knew I would need some kind of help to make this transition smooth.

So I turned to my Pinterest friends, trusting that they’ve scoured the web to find the best moving ideas possible. There were two ideas that were so genius, it’s safe to say that the original posters likely won the Albert Einstein Award last year. (This is not time for you to Google to see if that’s an actual award- I’m not done with my post)

The first idea was to color code the boxes with a strip of duct tape–a different color for each room. The idea is to make it easier for movers/helpers to know where to put the boxes without reading each one individually,  and without you having to direct traffic. The thing is that duct tape is a little expensive if you need several rolls, and if you are using many storage bins, the thought of the sticky residue is a downer.

Sooo, I sent my husband to the store with this idea to see if he could find something along the same lines. He came home with this—are you ready? TADAAAAA!

Electrical tape for marking moving boxes--

Electrical Tape! Equally genius! Cheaper, multicolored and won’t leave residue. My husband might win an Albert this year! (still not time to look it up) The black comes in bigger rolls and so will be used for the garage/catchall color.

The next idea was to make a master list of what was in each box and label the box itself with a letter/number combo. So if I’m looking for my nail polish bottles, I can consult the master list and see that it’s in B2–the box in the bathroom with that same number. What a time saver; no rummaging through each box every time you need a little something. Anyone who knows me, knows that one of the things I hate the most is wasting time. So, I quickly adopted this idea as well. Aaannd here it is (in black and white because the dramatic effect seemed appropriate somehow):

Master List of Madness @

Now, as much as this may LOOK slightly OCD to you, I feel like this just might be the key to my post move sanity. 

Alright well, if you’ll excuse me, the fact that I fell asleep while proofreading this post tells me that my bedtime is quickly approaching.

And now would be the right time to look it up.


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