Bookworm Fridays: Mama’s Bank Account

Mamas Bank AccountMama’s Bank Account is one book that’s dear to my heart. It’s an account of a young girl living with her Norwegian family in San Francisco, and most of the stories center around her Mama. My mother read it to me when I was a little girl, and then I poured over the pages again with my little family a few years ago.

While I have to admit that this story has a bit of a female bent, my guys liked it really well–laughed on cue, and looked introspective at all the right parts.

This is an older story, but I can’t see it’s morals going out of style any time soon.

But now we come to the sad part. I had always thought that this was based on a true story, that Mama was really out there some where (or was). And in the highest pedestals of my little mind, there sat Mama. After rereading the book as an adult, I  did some research and found out that this wasn’t exactly true, and I have to tell you: that is one piece of information that I could have lived without. My literary bubble was busted.

Fortunately, your kids don’t need to know that, and it doesn’t change the fact that this is a worthwhile read. I do want to bring up the fact that there is an alcohol reference, in case it bothers anyone. Fortunately, it’s very understandable given the time period and culture.

You can find Mama’s Bank account here. There are newer versions as well, but I don’t like the covers as well. Call me OCD, I’m just funny about those things.


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