Recommended Resource: Sticky Situations

Sticky Situations @Three Cornered HugIn the earlier years, I noticed that most of the devotions and Biblical studies for younger kids basically amounted to a retelling of a Bible story like a fairy tale.

I could see two problems with this:
1. How many times can a child hear the basic story of Noah’s Ark or Daniel in the Lions’ Den without becoming numb to it?
2. In my opinion, this kind of fairy tale presentation does not show a child how to apply the morals to their life. It doesn’t communicate that the Bible should be acted upon, instead of just being heard.

About the same time that I was struggling with this issue, and how to remedy it, my husband was in the midst of some special training at work. They had been doing some exercises that included some moral dilemmas they were supposed to “solve”. At home, he recited several of the questions they had been given to answer, and my son was intrigued with the idea and excited to chime in with his ideas as to what he felt was right.

Immediately, I began searching for a devotion or Bible study that included this practice, and what I found was a book by Betsy Schmitt, Sticky Situations. Basically, this book gives a scenario, and then some multiple choice answers. Then it gives you some scripture to look up to help your child decide which answer is correct. In the back of the book, you’ll find the answers along with some discussion questions. Sometimes there’s more than one good choice. Here was a way that we could make the connection between scripture and our decisions, and I’ve never met a child that didn’t have fun trying to solve these moral dilemmas. After we used this book at home, I would regularly use it with a class of kids I taught at church.

I highly recommend Sticky Situations for kids that aren’t mature enough to delve into the intricacies of scripture yet (think major and minor prophets, etc.), but who are past the simple Bible story book age. You can find it (and even look at many of the devotions) here.

There’s also a second one that’s said to be for 6-10 year-olds, but I found it’s really best for the younger end of the bracket. The situations are much more simple than those found in the original book. Find that one here.

**Disclaimer, there were one or two devotions that made me raise an eyebrow, although nothing I deemed unfit. Still, I recommend reading each devotion ahead of time, just in case.


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