Bookworm Fridays: Robot Wars

Robot Wars @ Three CorneredRobot Wars @ Three Cornered Hug

Robot Wars, by Sigmund Brouwer, is for the high-tech, space-age, future-loving young person. Set in the future, 14-year old Tyce lives in an experimental colony on Mars. This series has almost everything you can think of: futuristic gadgets including a robot army, strange experimental animals, space-age flying dog-fights, conspiracy theories revolving around the government agencies back on Earth, bad guys, and scenarios that cause one to consider faith and family.

It would take me a coon’s age (something I learned in Kentucky!) to tell you about every book, so you should head on over to Amazon to read the story lines and reviews. **Please note: this series was originally published as The Mars Diaries, a 10 book series. Now as Robot Wars, there are 5 books with 2 stories in each.

I want to add a disclaimer here. There is some material that is pretty heavy in this series, after you get past the first book. However, in my view, and considering what I see out there in the “teen” section at the libraries, it may be considered very mild to some. The author is obviously a Christian, and he handled things very well while still adding elements of danger and science fiction. Yet, as always I recommend that you look through these books first.


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