Beat Winter Boredom: Things to do inside

Ideas to Beat Winter Boredom @ Three Cornered HugOld Man Winter has teamed up with Jack Frost and Punxsutawney Phil this winter to make a very miserable season for much of the US. If your kids you are tired of being cooped up, check out these ideas.

  • Play “Pockey” We invented this game a couple of years ago. Move all of your chairs away from the kitchen table and play ping pong–using your hands as paddles.
  • Have a sock fight in your living room. (Remember to hide behind a chair!)
  • Two words: SHRINKY DINKS
  • Put a pan outdoors to catch the snow, and use it make some snow cream.
  • Learn a useful skill with your kids. Grab a length of rope or paracord and head over to this knot tying guide
  • Learn how to finger knit
  • Make a PVC pipe fort (see this post to get started)
  • Roast marshmallows over your stove
  • Take apart broken appliances or electronics to see how they work
  • Let your kids do art in the tub! Color some dollar store shaving cream with a little food coloring (mix thoroughly in bowls before giving it to them)
  • Dance! Teach your kids to do the ChaCha Slide or look up vids with some old dances like the Twist or the Charlston.
  • Pull out the old home videos. Your kids will love to see themselves, and it will remind you to cherish your time together.
  • Make some new home movies–maybe of you trying the dance moves above!
  • Go to the Weather Channel’s site to search weather all over the world– from the equator to the poles. You may think yourself quite fortunate when you see what the temps are elsewhere!
  • Invest in a little indoor trampoline or a pedal exerciser (about $25 each)
  • See if any of your older neighbors would be interested in playing some games, or check to find out what you can do for them
  • Pick op a fridge box at Lowe’s (you’ll have to get there early) and make a house or castle
  • Order some pre-refrigerated bulbs to force indoors or start a potato or onion plant in a jar of water
  • Make up your own board game
  • Set up an indoor obstacle course
  • Have an indoor Nerf war!
  • Have your kids Facetime or call Grandma.
  • Make a card or some art to send to a grandparent or shut in. (After my Grandma passed, we found all of the cards and art we had sent her over the years in a chest)
  • Make your own play-dough: oatmeal, cinnamon, kool-aid, or fun cloud dough
  • Do a Google search to try to find possible volunteer opportunities in your area
  • Hang out at the pet store if you think you can do it without your kids begging for a furry friend!
  • Clean out your kids’ rooms. They are sure to find some old books or games they forgot they had!

If you have other ideas- please submit them in the comment section below!


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