Free Entrance Days in the National Parks

National Parks @ Three Cornered Hug

February 15th-17th happens to be a free weekend at many of our national parks (including the nearest and dearest to me- Rocky Mountain National Park!). Many are already free, but this will include those that typically charge an entrance fee.

Check out their website to see other free dates throughout the year:
So get out there and enjoy yourself!


3 thoughts on “Free Entrance Days in the National Parks

  1. Disabled Veterans also can apply for a National Park Pass and a State Parks Pass in the state they reside in. This gets you into National Parks for free all year around and a steep discount on camping in those parks. The State Parks Pass gets you free camping in most of your specific state’s State Parks. We have next year’s vacation planned around the National Parks in the Southwest. We live in Oregon and we will be going through Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and California to get us back home. There will be more than 14 stops along the way for stamps in our National Parks Passport. Explore America, you won’t regret it.

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