The “Special Sauce”

Grilled Burgers with Olive Mayo @ Three Cornered Hug

What you are about to read is a true story about a fable. Actually, Mr. Fables.

When we were living in the Grand Rapids area early in our marriage, we worked together next door to a restaurant called Mr. Fables. Along with some very yummy battered onion rings, our favorite was the Mr. Fabulous burger. What made this burger so fabulous was the olive mayo they topped it with. Yum…

We later moved out of the area, and eventually found out that Mr. Fables had gone out of business. Now, there seemed to be little chance of ever tasting that yummy goodness again. Or was there?

One day we thought, “How hard could it be to recreate?” and set out to satisfy our taste-buds. In no time at all, we had concocted what we called “The Special Sauce”. It was tasty, it was delectable, it was FABULOUS!

And now, I am going to share the very special, very secret recipe with you. Ready?

Olive Mayo @ Three Cornered HugStep 1. Mince olives (if you have some kind of chopper or processor this will go faster)
Step 2. Add mayo till it looks about like the picture above. I’d say the ratio may be just a bit more mayo than olives.

That’s it! It doesn’t seem like much, but if you like olives at all, you should definitely try it.

…I didn’t say it was good for you. 😉


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