Free Printable Board Game

I’ve had the privilege of meeting some very extraordinary young men since we’ve moved here. Not only are they engineers, but together they’re the brains behind a new company, Boulder Board Games. While many other young people are spending their free time on facebook whapping each other with pretend pillows or buying imaginary cows on Farmville, these fellas have been using their spare time cooking up come fun of their own.

It’s my understanding that their first game, Thrive, was invented during a school break while they attended the University of Colorado. This game is available in .pdf form for print, and includes a manual. Thrive is a game involving Geopolitics and energy independence. Find it here.

Their most recent game, Raid, is full of pirate fun. The game is not only expandable, but can be tailored to your needs– you determine the length of play. You can see a sample of the game in the video below. This one will be up on Kickstarter in April to raise some funding to have the game produced.

It’s nice to see younger folks doing something with those great minds they’ve got. In addition, as avid game players my family is always looking for something new. Check out Boulder Board Games and show some support.


Beat Summer Boredom: Alka-seltzer + Water Guns= FUN!

Alka-seltzer + Water Gun= FUN @

Ready for some water fun?

The concept is simple: use a needle to put a small hole into a fizzy tablet and make a necklace out of it with string.* Every one gets a necklace. Then have a water gun fight and see whose tablets last the longest. This can be played as an “every man for himself” type game, or you could use shirts/ bandanas/ bracelets to make teams.

It’s a good idea to have a few big buckets of water for refill points.


Once a person’s tablet is dissolved, he/she is out. If you’re playing with teams, the first team team to eliminate all of their opponents wins. If everyone is playing independently, the last person to have any portion of their tablet intact is the winner. For a very large group, you may want to have 4 or 5 winners.

Have fun 🙂

*You could also have the kids just tie the string around the tab.