Recommended Resource: Kids-In-Mind Movie Reviews

Movie Reviews: Kids-In-Mind“If you wanna be my _____…..”

“WHAT!?!?! Where did you hear that song?” I hissed at my then 4 year old son. Did any of the other “park mom’s” hear him? I looked around cautiously. What would they think of me?! My sweet boy looked at me with innocent blue eyes, “It was in Chicken Little, mom.”

My husband had taken him to see it the weekend before. How could a movie with a G rating contain such content? How could I miss this? What could I do?!?

If I had been fortunate enough to know about Kids-In-Mind then, I would’ve already found out that Chicken Little would expand a child’s musical interests to include the Spice Girls. This website is one of my very favorite resources. Sure there are other movie review sites, and sometimes I consult them, but I make sure I visit K-I-M before every film that we plan to watch.

This site has very detailed info, and that’s important to me. For instance, I feel like not all violence is equal. Slap stick type cartoons don’t bother me much, but I was told in a review for one popular animated film that a character had a knife to another’s throat. That bothers me. The violence found in The Patriot is not equal to the needless violence in some movies for teens which make killing people look as fun as a trip to Six Flags.

Kids-In-Mind helps to sort through this, and also informs me about nudity, profanity, and substance use. If you’d like to avoid an embarrassing experience at the park, check out their free website here. They also have an app you can purchase found here.