Bookworm Fridays: Follow My Leader

Follow My Leader“Hm! I never thought of that before.”

These words were on our lips repeatedly as we read through Follow My Leader. This book is about a young man named Jimmy who looses his sight in an accident involving fireworks. The reader is guided through his experience as he learns to adjust to his situation, and eventually trains with his new canine friend, Leader. With every page it becomes more obvious that there’s more to coping without sight than one might imagine, and there were so many things in this book that surprised us. The story follows Jimmy’s physical obstacles as well as his emotional battles as he learns to overcome, and forgive. As you read, you get the feeling that the author, James B. Garfield, knows what he’s talking about–and for good reason: a little research turned up the fact that he too lost his sight partway through life. Though Follow My Leader is a little older, it doesn’t feel dated. The powerful message is unchanging, and it’s more than worth the read. Find it here.