Beat Summer Boredom: Alka-seltzer + Water Guns= FUN!

Alka-seltzer + Water Gun= FUN @

Ready for some water fun?

The concept is simple: use a needle to put a small hole into a fizzy tablet and make a necklace out of it with string.* Every one gets a necklace. Then have a water gun fight and see whose tablets last the longest. This can be played as an “every man for himself” type game, or you could use shirts/ bandanas/ bracelets to make teams.

It’s a good idea to have a few big buckets of water for refill points.


Once a person’s tablet is dissolved, he/she is out. If you’re playing with teams, the first team team to eliminate all of their opponents wins. If everyone is playing independently, the last person to have any portion of their tablet intact is the winner. For a very large group, you may want to have 4 or 5 winners.

Have fun 🙂

*You could also have the kids just tie the string around the tab.